Ludmila Malcoci

Ludmila Malcoci

PHD habilitate, Regional Director of Keystone Human Services International for Central and Eastern Europe

In 1992 Liudmila Malcoci became an associate professor at State University of Moldova, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences. Since 1997 she has held leadership positions in several international projects implemented in the Republic of Moldova in the field of social development, including: World Bank Project Social Investment Fund of Moldova, Keystone Moldova Project implemented in partnership with Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family - Inclusive Community Moldova. Since 2011 she holds the position of Executive Director of the Keystone Moldova Association, and works in the field of social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. Since 2015, she has been working as a senior scientific researcher at the Institute for Legal, Political and Sociological Research. 

Liudmila Malcoci developed and taught the following courses: Mass media and public opinion; Methodology of scientific research in the field of communication; Scientific research methodology in the field of media. 

During the last 15 years she has worked as a consultant at national and international level for several international organizations - World Bank, UNICEF, UNDP, GIZ, DFID, EBRD, Price Water House Italia Office. Countries of expertise - Moldova, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey. 

She holds a doctorate degree in Social structure, Social institutions and social processes; Journalism and Communication Sciences; Social psychology. Ludmila Malcoci has published 18 monographs and research studies and over 70 scientific articles.