Alexei Marciuc

Alexei Marciuc

Co-founder and Chairman of the Association "Comunitatea Internet", National coordinator of the Moldova Internet Governance Forum (MIGF)

Alexei Marciuc is Chairman and Co-founder of the Association "Comunitatea Internet" - a non-governmental organization that supports and promotes the development of the open, secure, trustworthy, and unified global Internet. He is an initiator and coordinator for the Moldova Internet Governance Forum, which is a national initiative of the United Nations IGF and is an international multi-stakeholder platform for dialogue on Internet governance issues. 

He is a lawyer and researcher with strong background in issues lying at the intersection of law, media and technology. Field of interests ranging from privacy, freedom of expression, human rights online to cybersecurity and Internet governance. Has been actively involved in regional and global Internet governance and human rights initiatives since 2008 when he participated in the first EuroDIG in Strasbourg. He is a founding member of the Internet Freedom Network for Eastern, Central Europe and Eurasia. 

Alexei has been involved in different regional and international projects and programs, in particular, he has coordinated many activities and policy research for the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), OpenNet Eurasia (ONE) and Cyber Safety Assessment and Response (CyberSTAR) implemented by the SecDev Foundation, as well as for the Regional Internet Freedom Advocacy Program implemented by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI). Regular contributor to conferences, round tables, trainings organized by CSOs and the international community. 

Besides, he is an author and coauthor of a number of analytical studies on different areas of legal regulation. The latest research, published in September 2021, was prepared for Freedom House on the topic "Designing Effective Online Regulation for Moldova: Lessons and Best Practices from Abroad".