MIGF 2021 planning process has started

This year, the Moldova Internet Governance Forum will take place on October 19-20 in Chisinau in the form of a two-day conference. The practical details and format of the event will be announced later, considering the development of the epidemiological situation in the country. 

The MIGF agenda is being developed based on input from various stakeholder groups: civil society, technical community and academia, private sector, government and public sector. 

This year, everyone who has something to say on the development of the Internet environment can contribute to the formation of the program of the national forum. What Internet and digital policy issues should be discussed at MIGF 2021? How to make the event program interesting and relevant? Your ideas can be sent through the suggestions form on the forum website or by email moldova.igf@gmail.com. The deadline has been extended to Monday, July 12, 2021

The final program will be drawn up after analysing the proposed topics and taking into account the global trends announced at the global IGF, which is an open discussion platform for the United Nations. 

Anyone interested in discussing current Internet governance issues based on a multilateral, transparent and inclusive dialogue is invited to participate in the national initiative. The MIGF supports open discussions to define a common approach to promoting the Internet and managing the risks and challenges posed by its use and development. 

Follow updates and announcements on our website www.igf.md and on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the Comunitatea Internet Association, which is the neutral secretariat of the Internet Governance Forum in Moldova. 


(Updated: July 14, 2021)