Central Asian Internet Governance Forum: MIGF joins the dialogue

At the end of September, Digital Week was held in Bishkek, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, which included the 5th Central Asian Internet Governance Forum and the Kyrgyz IT Forum, as well as the Privacy Awards ceremony. On the agenda was the strengthening of open multilateral discussion on Internet governance in the countries of the region, participation in shaping the global digital agenda, joint search for a balance between security and development in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, which drew particular attention to the needs of digital development, the need for digital empowerment. 

At the invitation of the organizers of this landmark event for the region, Moldova IGF joined the dialogue. At the event, Alexei Marciuc, MIGF coordinator and Chairman of the Association "Comunitatea Internet", spoke about international tools, European experience and best foreign practices in regulating the online environment that might be relevant in the context of the Central Asian region. 

He urged the national authorities to avoid rushing through this complex reform process to form a favorable and balanced legal environment for the online space and to develop legislation in this area, taking into account the progressive experience and international recommendations that have found application in other countries, while maintaining a balance between security and civil liberties issues. Representatives of Facebook, Article 19, SecDev Foundation, as well as civil society organizations from different countries of the region took part in the discussions of this session. 

As part of the Central Asian IGF, multilateral and bilateral meetings were held in Bishkek with representatives of a number of government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, IT and telecommunications companies, and regional and international organizations.